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Rich Dollar Accelerator

HappinessJia Integrated Living Services Corporation

HappinessJia and Smart Life Service Platform Development Program

April 15, 2019

  1. Plan description

    Rich Dollar Accelerator focuses on the areas of Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and smart life. Guide, inspire, assist and mediate, four key areas, to support the Startup development.
    In the ever-changing AIOT era, the Rich Dollar Accelerator will provide the Startup integration through an empirical platform. Through service design and cooperation of the platform, the Startup can receive verification, feedback and re-optimization services to validate the business models.
    In order to provide a comprehensive smart life service platform, Rich-dollar accelerator cultivates the HapinessJia startup company. It serves the community and the building business office by unitizing the intelligent and Cloud technology. The frequently usage services create user stickiness, and then guide the new startups to provide more smart living services through the integration of HappinessJia platform.
    With the support of the Small and Medium Enterprise Administration, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Rich-dollar Accelerator enters the Linkou Startup Terrace to help guide the new team and establish an ecosystem cooperation framework with smart service. Welcome new team to negotiate platform verification cooperation, propose counseling needs, create Linkou Startup Terrace to become a smart park by new services, and then comprehensively promote new services to create more business opportunities.

  2. Area of cooperation (POC/POS/POB)

    The HappinessJia and smart life service platform is divided into three major stages for verification:

    1. POC(Proof of Concept ): The scope of verification is based on the Linkou Startup Terrace and the surrounding 2km area;
    2. POS(Proof of Service ): The scope of verification is based on the community and commercial office building of Taipei City and New Taipei City.
    3. POB(Proof of Business ):The third-stage verification is validated by the community and commercial office building of the whole HappinessJia APP users.

    The scope of verification will be determined in order (POC/POS/POB) according to the maturity of the third-party service results, or the scope of verification will be divided according to the stage of commercial cooperation. The verification cooperation will be given priority to the newly established enterprises in which Linkou Startup Terrace will be stationed.

  3. Confidentiality

    The cooperation content of this developer's plan is confidential and both parties are required to comply with the confidentiality agreement.

  4. Work flow