Smart Management
Community Business Office
High-Performance Partner

Cloud Integrated Service Platform
Creating the best smart management community

Available to a single community or property management company
The on-site staffed station can manage the personnel shifts, patrol reports and service dispatch requirements.
A Community Finance System designed specifically for the community
With the dedicated personnel support, the management of the community and the business office can be easily completed in the cloud platform

Parcel Registration

Good use of technology leads to high efficiency and professional image

Through tablet photographs, online notifications, and delivery records, property management can enhance overall efficiency and image, better interact with community residents, and strengthen the community dependency and viscosity to property services.


Advanced technology provides attentive and intimate services

By combining cloud image, online intercoms, and instant message, community residents can view visitor online, inform security guards of their decision, and record visitor images and online signatures, providing residents a safe and sound visitor service.

Intercom and

Communications online are never missed

Use intercom to make instant contact with residents for notifications and communications. Uncontactable residents can use instant message for prompt notification. Online calls and messaging features ensure the smooth communications between security guards and the community residents without a hitch.

Community Log

Community tasks delegation are never missed

Letters, parcels, visitors log, and resident tasks delegation can all be confirmed and queried in the community log.

Facility Reservation

Management tools to command appointment information

Service center and back office can jointly, synchronously and efficiently manage reservation status, user instruction, and points usage details.

Record management in place
for community task

Convenient tracking and management system with progress reports

Easy and effective management with synchronized record for both service center and back office.

Personnel Scheduling and Attendance Management

Time Clock Management

A comprehensive electronic mechanical, security, cleaning personnel, and smart inspection management by the community business office
Smart cloud management platform, flexible dispatch assignment, and real-time inquiry management system.

Community Financial Management System

First ever in Taiwan

A "Community Financial Management System" specifically tailor-made for the community and uniquely designed by the professional accountants.
The management fee is clear and correct
The accounts are transparent and correct.
The financial quality is solid and sound.